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Frost Prevention and Open Field Control System

Frost Prevention and Open Field Control System is the way of preventing measurement devices and satellite antennas being damaged by extremely cold conditions and analysing its environment by checking human presence in the open field area.

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What is Deicing ?

Antennas used in high altitude and winter conditions may become physically damaged due to challenging weather conditions. Snow and Ice that are piling up on the antennas could damage satellite communication especially in places where iciness and snowy conditions happen regularly.

Developed parallel to the latest technological achievements, Frost Prevention System resolves the problems of satellite antennas that are caused by harsh winter conditions.

The Goal

- Main goal of frost prevention system that installed on an AWS Field is live control of precipitation status and minimizing the measurement problem due to freezing conditions.

- Main goal of Installed open field control system is detection of unauthorized movements of human beings, suspension of unauthorized visitors from the field with an audible alarm, detection and reduction of malicious interventions by uploading photographs to a server taken after unauthorized movements.

How it works ?

Microchip controlled frost prevention system produces enough heat that the measurement device needs.

Photographs of breach caused by human being or animal movements are being uploaded to a server and audible alert is being created in the field with cameras and motion sensors installed in AWS field.

System Features

  • 1. Compatible with Solar Systems ( 220VAC/12VDC. 13/18/25Watt )
  • 2. Open Field Control with Microwave Motion Sensors
  • 3. Motion Detection at Human and Animal Sensitivity Level
  • 4. Illuminated and Audible Warning within the Field
  • 5. Remote Time and Temperature Programming
  • 6. Motion-Sensitive Open Field Photographs

Heating System Layout

Photographs of System