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Elevator and Escalator Control Systems

Elevator and Escalator Control System is the automation system that provides remote control and monitoring of the live status information and faults of the handicapped elevators and escalators in the pedestrian upper and lower passageways. It can work on all lifts and escalators without being connected to any brand or model. Can be programmed according to the desired time zone.

System Features

Information that can be received remotely by the system

*List of informations that the user can receive remotely for system control

Information provided remotely by the system

*List of commands that the user can give to the system remotely

  • - Panic Button Information
  • - Cabin Occupancy Information (Live Photograph Feed)
  • - Revision Information
  • - Escalator Stand By Information (Ready to Operate)
  • - Escalator Stop Command and Alarm Information
  • - Escalator Direction Information
  • - Lighting Adequacy (Underpass Lighting)
  • - Plant Maintenance and Tracking Information
  • - Buoy Information (If Drainage Well Connected)
  • - Water Level Information (If Drainage Well Connected)