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Generator Control Systems

In Generator Control Systems, the fuel status of the generators in the system is controlled and given a warning under the specified limit value. In addition, it is possible to control whether the generators are working as they should. Also it can be operated remotely if desired. Available information is sent to the server. User can connect to the server and examine this information.

System Features

Information that can be received remotely by the system

*List of informations that the user can receive remotely for system control

Information provided remotely by the system

*List of commands that the user can give to the system remotely

  • - Day and Time Based Automatic Operation Programming Command
  • - Engine and Pump Manuel Shutdown Command
  • - Park Lighting Opening and Shutdown Command
  • - Park Lighting Clock Based Automated Operation Programming Command
  • - Commissioning - Removal Code
  • - External Program Triggering (Generating Work Command with Web Services)