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Your work is under control with Telix

Telix Telemetry Systems aims to provide convenience to its business partners with its products and systems. Our solutions are cost efficient. Our remote control systems offer an expanding range of solutions to our business partners with the business tracking modules it incorporates.


You can always track your work thanks to instant check, operation information and detailed reports. Thanks to the immediate problem notification, you will find fast and effective solutions to your problems.

Track your business wherever you are with remote access and automated business management. You can track your business on your personal computer and mobile devices.

Thus, both the increase in service quality and customer satisfaction are ensured.


Elevator and Escalator Control Systems

Elevator and Escalator Control System is the automation system that provides remote control and monitoring of the live status information and faults of the handicapped elevators and escalators in the pedestrian upper and lower passageways.

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Generator Systems

In Generator Control Systems, the fuel status of the generators in the system is controlled and given a warning under the specified limit value. In addition, it is possible to control whether the generators are working as they should. Also it can be operated remotely if desired.

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Meteorology Systems

The system is designed to help manage the city's quality with the help of sensitive sensors it contains. Local authorities are setting up a monitoring center for the normalization of disasters, disasters and unusual living conditions.

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Ornamental Pool Control Systems

The system is an automation system that provides automatic or manual watering of the green areas in the parks and gardens according to the desired program, which also provides a beautiful view of the city.

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Dam Level Measurement Systems

The Dam Level Measurement system includes the arrangement of the Meteorological System. In addition, with the help of sensors, the cubic meter of water in the dams is measured by measuring pressure. Incoming and outgoing water calculation is examined by considering the condensation and leakage of water.

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About Telix

Telix Electronic Automation Trd. Ltd. Co. was established in 2010. In the early years of its establishment, Our company carried out researches and studies on remote monitoring of electricity meters and security systems, and took part in many projects such as machinery, robotics, CNC applications as well as remote reading sector. It continues to provide industrial automation services by focusing on M2M (Machine To Machine) and security systems with remote automation experiences. Telix has a company philosophy which mainly focuses on research and development, which values quality, creativity and innovation. In addition to the standard products, it also has an experienced staff who can develop special softwares and hardwares when needed.

Our Products

OTOBIX Passenger Counting and Ticket Sale, Transport System, is a control system designed for tourism companies engaged in intercity passenger transportation.

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