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Automatic Meteorology Monitoring Station

The system is designed to help manage the city's quality with the help of sensitive sensors it contains. Local authorities are setting up a monitoring center for the normalization of disasters, disasters and unusual living conditions. The information received from meteorological observation stations located in certain parts of the city helps to develop regional measures on a single screen. While the amount of rainfall falling to the current square meter can be observed for the risk of flooding, as well as frosting alarm with the programs created from the temperature and humidity information and asphalt salting program can be created according to the regional needs. In the light of similar information, water level status from river beds and evacuation channels can be used to develop warning and discharge measures in possible floods.

System Features

Information that can be received remotely by the system

*List of informations that the user can receive remotely for system control

Information provided remotely by the system

*List of commands that the user can give to the system remotely

  • - Day and Time Based Automatic Operation Programming Command
  • - Engine and Pump Manuel Shutdown Command
  • - Park Lighting Opening and Shutdown Command
  • - Park Lighting Clock Based Automated Operation Programming Command
  • - Commissioning - Removal Code
  • - External Program Triggering (Generating Work Command with Web Services)